R&D Industry


    R&D Industry builds upon the Lisbon objectives and focuses on strengthening innovation capacities in the Mediterranean area.


    University of Maribor
    Mediterranean agronomic institute of Chania-Maich
    University of Avignon
    University of Catania


    Kick off meeting in Maribor
    2nd coordination meeting in Valencia
    3rd meeting in Crete


    Web site
    Guidelines for selecting and analyzing SMEs

  • SMEs

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Theme of the project

Partnership follows Lisbon Agenda as the global subject in R&D Industry project. For competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy close collaboration of research institutions and industry is of great importance. Consequently, economy growth is generated by new projects and activities, requiring additional high-skilled personnel, researchers for example. R&D Industry project with its focus on environmental issues in project activities supports the third pillar of Lisbon Agenda, as well as Gothenburg Agenda, which address to environmental renewal and sustainability. Innovation culture, permeation of academic and economic sphere in areas mentioned above will be enforced.

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