R&D Industry


    R&D Industry builds upon the Lisbon objectives and focuses on strengthening innovation capacities in the Mediterranean area.


    University of Maribor
    Mediterranean agronomic institute of Chania-Maich
    University of Avignon
    University of Catania


    Kick off meeting in Maribor
    2nd coordination meeting in Valencia
    3rd meeting in Crete


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    Guidelines for selecting and analyzing SMEs

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Objectives of the project

The real impact is expected in greater success at application of technologies and knowledge in economic practice, more consistent organization and transparency of R&D work at universities and greater success at national and international R&D project applications. The project aims at persuading regional authorities to lay more emphasis on technology transfer methods and research management. The activity of contacting certain number of companies each year should be supported and financed by governance system after the project’s termination.

Greater number of SMEs is expected to pay more attention to integrating sustainable development principles in their operation. Sustainability will be promoted through awareness-raising instruments (research breakfasts, publications) and concrete prepositions for SMEs, included in analysis implemented by our experts. Environmental issues are supported through the activities of technology transfer, where environmental technologies will be developed or applied to economic practice.

In the context of bringing MED space closer to North European area regarding economic development, general objectives are set to: encourage innovation efficiency and increase competitiveness of regions involved; establish and test technology transfer system, especially in interdisciplinary and transnational content; strengthen cooperation between PROs and industry; increase business R&D expenditure; provide SMEs with support in connecting with universities, research institutes and with each other and in establishing transnational interdisciplinary projects; encourage innovation culture; strengthen market power of SMEs through cooperation with universities; promote job growth; promote environmental sustainability.

Specific objectives are: identification of research institutes, their achievements, technologies, innovations and possibilities of their collaboration with industry through R&D platform which we will develop; identification of SMEs interested in connecting with knowledge institutions; establishing long-term R&D collaboration; increasing the number of research projects in various fields; establishing innovation culture; establishing transnational network of universities, support institutions and enterprises; promoting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary R&D cooperation in regional, interregional and transnational level; promoting project outputs to be used by stakeholders.

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